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Southwest Covenant Schools (SWCS) was founded in 1982 as an independent, Bible-based educational ministry. The school is owned and operated by Southwest Covenant Schools, Inc., a non-profit corporation recognized under IRS Code 501(c)(3). The corporation/school is governed by a board of directors, giving oversight to the vision, finances, and administration of the school. Covenant Community Church provides spiritual authority for the school.

SWCS is a ministry to the Christian community of believers. We normally serve over 260 families from 50-plus churches located throughout the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Our school emphasizes discipleship training for children of families desiring a Christ-centered academic program and offers an accelerated curriculum based on a Biblical worldview. This accelerated curriculum is designed for students in pre-kindergarten through grade twelve.

The Christian Schools International (CSI) accredits SWCS. We are recognized under the auspices of the Oklahoma Private School Accrediting Commission OPSAC by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.