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  Name Title Contact
Tammy Allison Allison, Tammy Elementary Subtitute 140-535-9319
Jennifer Andary Andary, Jennifer Elementary Aide 405-354-9222
Cynda Anderson Anderson, Cynda Teacher's Aide 405-354-9222
Breana Bassett Bassett, Breana Elementary Teacher 405-354-9222
Patti Betts Betts, Patti Director of Development 405-354-9222
Elizabeth Bowers Bowers, Elizabeth Academic Services Coordinator 405-354-0772
Faith Braswell Braswell, Faith Secondary Teacher 405-354-0772
Chelsi Brown Brown, Chelsi Headmaster's Administrative Assistant 405-354-9222
Lynna Brown Brown, Lynna Elementary Teacher 405-354-9222
Laura Burkhart Burkhart, Laura Elementary Teacher 405-354-9222
C.J. Carpenter Carpenter, C.J. Secondary Teacher 405-354-0772
Deb Chamberlain Chamberlain, Deb Elementary Aide 405-354-9222
Curtis Cloud Cloud, Curtis PE Teacher, Facilities, Athletic Director 405-354-0772
Kevin Cobbs Cobbs, Kevin Secondary Principal 405-354-0772
Kerri Cole Cole, Kerri Elementary Teacher 405-354-9222
Lindsay Cowan Cowan, Lindsay Elementary Aide 405-354-9222
Jennifer Croy Croy, Jennifer Art Teacher 405-354-9222
Lisa Deans Deans, Lisa Elementary Office Manager 405-354-9222
Deawn Dunnington Dunnington, Deawn Teacher 405-265-1352
Dee Edmondson Edmondson, Dee Secondary Teacher 405-354-0772
Terry Fellenstein Fellenstein, Terry Secondary Teacher 405-354-0772
Angela Frazier Frazier, Angela Music/Choir Teacher 405-354-9222
Melissa French French, Melissa Elementary Teacher 405-354-9222
Brenda Harms Harms, Brenda Director of Technology 405-354-0772
Natalie Hendrix Hendrix, Natalie Secondary Teacher 405-354-5274
Amy Holley Holley, Amy Elementary Principal 405-354-9222
Amy Holley Holley, Amy Elementary Principal 405-354-9222
Amy Hoover Hoover, Amy Elementary Teacher 405-354-9222
Cathie Houts Houts, Cathie Secondary Teacher 405-354-0772
Dylan Hughey Hughey, Dylan Secondary Teacher 405-354-0772
Kelsey Key Key, Kelsey Elementary Teacher 405-203-9116
Sue Kinney Kinney, Sue Librarian 405-354-9222
Steven Lessman Lessman, Steven Headmaster 405-354-9222
Paula Liberton Liberton, Paula Elementary Teacher 405-354-9222
Jennifer McCarver McCarver, Jennifer Secondary Receptionist 405-354-0772
Becky Mitchell Mitchell, Becky EL PE/JH BB Coach 405-354-0772
Debbie Moore Moore, Debbie Secondary Teacher 405-354-0772
Rick Moore Moore, Rick Secondary Teacher 405-354-0772
Kimberly Moroney Moroney, Kimberly Secondary Teacher 405-354-0772
Edith Morris Morris, Edith Secondary Teacher 405-354-0772
Julie Moseley Moseley, Julie Elementary Teacher 405-354-9222
Bryan Myers Myers, Bryan Band Instructor 405-354-0772
Terri Niles Niles, Terri Elementary Aide 405-354-9222
Tara Ortiz Ortiz, Tara Elementary Teacher 405-354-9222
Deborah Price Price, Deborah Education Specialist 405-354-9222
Brook Rigdon Rigdon, Brook Secondary Teacher 405-354-0772
Stacy Rosete Rosete, Stacy Elementary Spanish Teacher 405-354-9222
Terry Rowland Rowland, Terry Secondary Teacher 405-354-0772
Jennifer Shields Shields, Jennifer Elementary Teacher 405-354-9222
Tawna Shultz Shultz, Tawna Elementary Teacher 405-354-9222
Angela Smith Smith, Angela Elementary Aide 405-354-9222
Jennifer Stansberry Stansberry, Jennifer Elementary Teacher 405-354-9222
Tracy Tadlock Tadlock, Tracy Secondary Office Manager 405-354-0772
Darise Taylor Taylor, Darise Elementary Teacher 405-354-9222
Melissa Tennyson Tennyson, Melissa Elementary Office Staff 405-354-9222
Amber Terrell Terrell, Amber Elementary Teacher 405-354-9222
Kacey Waugh Waugh, Kacey Business Manager 405-354-9222
Debi York York, Debi Lunchroom Monitor 405-354-9222