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Bringing Athletics & Fine Arts Home

Every student should have a place to call “home,” an environment in which to learn and grow, one that sparks creativity and self-expression, fosters teamwork and collaboration, and provides a shared sense of identity and purpose.  For years, our students have competed off-campus in sports and had makeshift classrooms to practice Fine Arts. This campaign will provide a home for these thriving programs.

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Fundraising Goal: $6,000,000

The “No Place Like Home” capital campaign is a three-part construction project that includes the building of a football field, baseball field, and four fine arts classrooms on the campus of Southwest Covenant Schools.  

         Steve Lessman, Headmaster

We ask you to prayerfully consider how God is calling you to support this effort.

Beyond building a football field, baseball field, and fine arts classrooms, this campaign is about allowing Southwest Covenant to continue to fulfill its mission of educating and equipping students to influence the world for Christ.  It’s about advancing the kingdom of God through Christian education.  For our families, it’s also about following in the footsteps of the generous donors who came before them, who sacrificially gave, so they could enjoy our current facilities like the elementary school and high school.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for hearts to be open to invest in the growth and mission of Southwest Covenant Schools.
  • Pray for the safety of United Turf and Track employees as they construct the football field.
  • Pray for wisdom concerning the planning and design of the fine arts classrooms and baseball field.
  • Pray the City of Oklahoma City does not require us to include safe rooms in the middle school (HS and elementary already provide more than enough room).
  • Pray the partnership between Southwest Covenant Schools and Covenant Community Church continues to flourish as both ministries grow.