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Secondary students are challenged with an accelerated curriculum from a Biblical worldview to prepare them to influence the world for Christ long after graduation.

Throughout all grades, secondary students are challenged with an accelerated, biblically-based curriculum to prepare them for their individual futures while equipping them to strengthen their spiritual walk to be a positive influence in the world for Christ.

Textbooks are chosen that support a biblical worldview and provide college preparatory instruction in core curriculum classes (e.g., math, English, science, history, etc.). ACT /PSAT/SAT test preparation is made available to students, and the majority of SWCS graduates attend institutions of higher education.  Students are taught biblical truths concerning creation, including the biblical and scientific evidence which verifies the authenticity of creationism.  

Students have the opportunity to develop relationships with classmates, teachers, coaches and administrators.  Our certified faculty addresses the learning needs of the whole individual: spiritual, intellectual, and physical.  In addition, special programs are offered in the areas of athletics, fine arts, robotic science, student government and leadership.  

Students are provided with an opportunity to experience spiritual and academic growth in a nurturing, safe and structured environment where respect for authority is taught and loving discipline is practiced.  Student-led worship is a central element of weekly chapel services, and Bible classes are taught at every grade level.  Students are also given instruction on Biblical Apologetics to prepare them to engage their culture from a biblical worldview.

SWCS has a dress code which is designed to encourage students to use biblical principles of modesty in dress and to develop self-government in obedience to authority.


Kevin Cobbs, High School Principal
Clay Henderson, Middle School Principal