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Dual Credit


Take a college-level class at SWCS and earn credit for HS and Colorado Christian University.

Register at Colorado Christian University.  Cost is $200 per course.  Each course earns 3 college credit hours.


SWCS Course


English IV (Seniors)

American Government (Seniors)

US History to 1865 (Juniors)

Macroeconomics (Seniors)

US History 1865 to Present (Juniors)

College Algebra (Juniors/Seniors)


CCU Equivalent Course


ENG-102:  English Composition

POL-207: Intro to American Politics

HIS-205: American History

ECO-215: Economics

HIS-206: The Making of Modern America

MAT-111: College Algebra











Registration Opens

Registration Closes

Withdrawal Deadline for Refund


August 15

November 15

December 1


January 15

April 15

May 1

Concurrent Enrollment


Enrolling and attending college and high school at the same time.

Applications are available at the college institutions.  Colleges require high school permission to verify students are not taking more than 19 credit hours.  You will receive the approval form when you apply.

High school seniors can receive up to 18 hours of tuition waivers.

To learn more about concurrent enrollment, visit OK CollegeStart - Concurrent Enrollment

CLEP Tests


College-level examination program offered by the College Board.  You can earn 3 to 12 college credits.  Exams cost $89.  Check for specific college requirements.  Be sure to choose a testing center that is listed as OPEN.  Tests taken at an OPEN site will be accepted at any college that accepts CLEP tests.

Learn more about CLEP tests and register at CLEP College Board.