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Since being established in 1982, Southwest Covenant Schools has developed and sustained a solid reputation for excellence.   Our academic and extracurricular programs, presented through the lens of a Biblical worldview, join to build a frame of reference for students that will be equipped for a lifetime of service. 

At SWCS we have a developmentally appropriate Pre-kindergarten that uses a variety of activities, including movement, songs, and fingerplays to teach children.   Bible stories, songs and Scripture are an integral element in training children in Godly wisdom.  To meet the needs of parents and their children, SWCS provides the option of half day or full day programs in Pre-k and Kindergarten.

Discipleship training of elementary students provides a sound focus for the development of basic academic, social-emotional, and spiritual skills.   Consistency, responsibility, independence, and the “fruits of the Spirit” are fostered as students master, apply, and expend core concepts and skills in preparation for upper school expectations and opportunities.   Elementary subjects taught include language arts, math, science, social studies, penmanship, Bible, Spanish, art, library science, music and physical education.   Band is offered to students in fifth grade.

Secondary level core-curriculum course offerings meet all requirements established by Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Regents for Higher Education for students to earn a college preparatory diploma.    Additional electives include consumer math, pre-calculus/trigonometry, calculus, basic computer, advanced computer, computer publishing/yearbook, chemistry, physics, robotic science, band, choir, drama, art, Spanish 1 & 2, physical education, and home economics.   Bible is taught at all grade levels.  Southwest Covenant Schools in partnership with Colorado Christian University offer dual credit course opportunities for juniors and seniors to earn up to twelve hours of college credit while in high school.