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College and Career Guidance

The mission of the Southwest Covenant Guidance Counselor Program is to educate and equip students to discern their unique purpose as part of God’s creation and understand how their academic and personal goals help build the kingdom of God.

The vision of the Southwest Covenant Guidance Counselor Program begins with building a biblical understanding that each student is part of a valuable community of believers that serve a special calling in God’s kingdom.  Partnering with parents and teachers, the program will provide opportunities for students to explore and understand their purpose, set academic and personal goals and utilize their educational development to fulfill God’s plan for their life.

The core values of the Southwest Covenant Guidance Counselor Program are the following:

  • God values each student as part of His creation. Consequently, he/she should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • God has uniquely gifted each student for building His kingdom.
  • Every student learns and understands differently.  Therefore, educational opportunities may take on various approaches. 
  • The path to fulfill God’s calling will look different for each student.


Your College and Career Counselor


Elizabeth Bowers
(405) 354-0772, Ext. 304






April 2021
Saturday, April 17
April 17, 2021

College Admission Reps

Representatives can schedule an in-person or virtual visit through  Please contact Elizabeth Bowers at (405) 354-0772.