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Opportunity Scholarship Fund

Influencing the World One Student at a Time

Any individual, family or business entity paying taxes in Oklahoma is eligible to contribute to the Opportunity Scholarship Fund and receive generous state tax credits plus federal income tax deductions while contributing vital funds to scholarships for students at Southwest Covenant Schools.
In 2011, the Oklahoma legislature authorized generous tax credits for donors to Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs), like the Opportunity Scholarship Fund (OSF). Individuals, families and businesses may contribute annually and receive state tax credits of $1,000 (single taxpayers), $2,000 (married filing jointly taxpayers) and $100,000 (business entities) respectively to the private school of their choosing. Donors are eligible for Oklahoma tax credits up to 75% of the donation amount.
By redirecting your tax dollars, you can directly support scholarships at Southwest Covenant Schools at little, and sometimes NO net cost to you. Estimate YOUR tax advantages by using the OSF tax benefit calculator.

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**If you are seeking to apply for tuition assistance at SWCS, please begin by contacting
Chelsi Brown at 405-354-9222 or