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SWCS' Mission

Southwest Covenant is a discipleship ministry 
educating and equipping students to influence the world for Christ.


Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, our students are equipped with a Christian world-view and a Biblical frame of reference. Our instruction will be based on a Christ-honoring college preparatory curriculum. To prepare them to impact the world, we teach students how to learn and discern using Christian thinking and reasoning. Our students graduate with an emphasis on verbal and written communication skills.

Southwest Covenant Schools’ purpose is to provide a discipleship training ministry for equipping students for a lifetime of service to the Lord. Our Christ-centered instruction models the love and acceptance of Christ and promotes an uncompromising Christian worldview. Our standard of academic excellence will uniquely prepare our students to impact their community, country and world to the glory of Almighty God.


  • The Holy Spirit renews minds and transforms our lives resulting in Christ-like behavior.
  • Christ is the focal point of our instruction; we seek to glorify God in all we do.
  • Realizing all wisdom begins with God, we seek to apply scriptural principles to all areas of life.
  • God is sovereign, and He is due our complete submission and obedience.
  • We are called to a ministry of reconciliation in our relationships with one another.
  • By serving others, we serve Christ.
  • As Christ loved us, so must we love one another.